Dec. 30, 2009

Walking in a winter wonderland…
A lone figure makes her way down Fifth Street along side the ridge of piled snow in the middle of the street following the blizzard that struck the area over the Christmas holiday. The Menno area received 17 inches of snow over the course of two days. The weather played havoc with travel schedules, Christmas programs and other events. The blizzard affected many other states in the Midwest, as well.

Vern Mammenga cuts a path down his sidewalk with a snowblower Monday morning, Dec. 28. Snowblowers, shovels and all other sorts of equipment were still in use early this week as people continued to dig out of the largest snowstorm of the season.

A car lies buried by snow on a side street in Menno. With 17 inches of snow and high winds, many structures were buried by high drifts that formed throughout the storm. Others, like this car, were buried as city crews worked to clear streets.

A tractor works to clear the lot at Farmers Grain & Stock Monday morning, Dec. 28.

A stop sign at Highway 18 and Park Street is just tall enough to peek out of the snow on the side of the road. The blizzard brought life to a standstill for several days last week, keeping people off the roads during one of the busiest travel seasons of the year.

Winds produced drifts like this one, which had managed to climb as high as the windows on this house in Menno.

Ray Woehl clears a driveway of snow Monday morning, Dec. 28. Many people helped their neighbors clear snow from sidewalks, porches and driveways.