January 22, 2014

Looking for a date
Brad, right, played by Tyrell Bertsch, attempts to get permission to ask a fellow classmate, played by Elizabeth Massey, from her father, played by Andrew Schaeffer, during the Menno High School drama department’s presentation of “Rejection!” also known as “Will Date For Food,” a one-act comedic play at the Menno City-School Auditorium Friday afternoon, Jan. 17. The troupe also performed the play for the general public Saturday, Jan. 18. The play revolves around the characters of Brad and Alice, played by Christina Herrboldt, as they are forced by their families to search for a prom date. The pair, operating independently, begin a desperate search for prom dates, which sees them asking almost everyone they know to the prom. The cast of 24 Menno Public School students help flesh out the multiple eccentric characters Alice and Brad must wade through before they finally come up with a solution to their dating problems. The cast was set to perform the play at the Region III One-Act Play Festival in Mitchell Tuesday, Jan. 21.