Jan. 26, 2011

Dramatic pause
The Menno High School drama department presented a performance of At The Bottom Of Lake Missoula, their selection for this year's Region III-B One-Act Play Competition, at the Menno City-School Auditorium Saturday afternoon, Jan. 22. Above, Pam, played by Emily Schnabel, and Jim, played by Kory Henrichs, argue over a college lab assignment. The dramatic piece, written by Ed Monk, centers around a young woman whose entire family is suddenly killed by a tornado and her efforts to come to grips with the tragedy. The troupe were to perform at the Region Competition in Mitchell Jan. 25.

Pam, played by Emily Schnabel, cracks a rare smile as she speaks with her college lab partner Jim, played by Kory Henrichs, during the Menno High School drama department's presentation of At The Bottom Of Lake Missoula Saturday, Jan. 22. The play, a dramatic piece by Ed Monk, centers around Pam and her struggles to cope after her family is killed by a tornado.

Pam wrestles with her emotions as she interacts with the specter of her deceased father, played by Tyler Bello.

Throughout the course of the play, Pam encounters many memories and images of her family. In this scene, she interacts with an image of her younger sister, played by Shelby Huber.

The priest, played by David Schelske, preaches during the funeral for Pam's family during the MHS drama department's production of At The Bottom Of Lake Missoula Saturday afternoon, Jan. 22.

Pam's father, played by Bello, mother, played by Michelle Zeeb and sister, played by Shelby Huber, talk about going out to eat before they meet their tragic end.

Pam and the image of her mother embrace toward the end of the play as Pam begins to come to terms with the loss of her family.