Oct. 20, 2010

October expressions
Apryll, LaRae and Meghan Walker, members of the Redhead Express family of musicians, perform on the stage of the Menno City-School Auditorium during the annual Oktoberfest celebration Saturday evening, Oct. 16. The nine-member group performed a number of country, traditional, bluegrass and old tim music for more than 500 in attendance for the event. The group consists of four sisters, three brothers and their parents. The yearly gathering usually features a meal comprised of a number of traditional German dishes as well as entertainment. The event is organized by Sodak Stamm as a fundraiser for various projects.

The annual Oktoberfest in Menno sold out all 500 tickets for the 2010 event, which was held Saturday, Oct. 16 at the Menno City-School Auditorium.

Kuchen was again one of the main attractions at the buffet at Oktoberfest in Menno. Above, Arlene Bertsch arranges plates of the dessert during the meal.

Sausage was also in abundance at Oktoberfest last weekend. Above, Carol Mettler, tends to the food at the buffet, which featured dozens of traditional German dishes.

The three brothers from Redhead Express, from left, Sean, Joseph and Ammon Walker perform for the crowd at Oktoberfest. Accompanying them on guitar is their mother, April.

The four sisters of the Redhead Express performed a number of classic, gospel and bluegrass numbers. Pictured from left to right are LaRae, Meghan, Kendra and Alisa Walker.