Sept. 29, 2010 – Menno Band Day

Students from Menno and beyond converged on the Menno Athletic Field Friday, Sept. 24 for Menno Band Day. The competition, now in its fourth year, featured 21 middle school and high school bands in a display of marching.

The South Dakota State University marching band, known as The Pride of the Dakotas, was the featured guest at this year's Menno Band Day. The college group closed the parade on Fifth Street Friday morning and then held a demonstration and performance at the Menno Athlethic Field.

Members of the Spirit of Worthington marching band, a high school band from Worthington, Minn., make their way down Fifth Street after saluting the judges' stand in front of Menno City Hall. The band and its drum majors performed a Phantom of the Opera themed routine.

Flag bearers lead the way for the Tea High School marching band during Menno Band Day Friday, Sept. 24.

After bands completed their routes on Fifth Street, they gathered to watch the bands that followed them. An estimated 1,500 band members were involved in Menno Band Day.

The Menno High School marching band makes its way past the judges' table on Fifth Street.

The Menno High School marching band took first place in the B Class category at Menno Band Day in Menno Friday, Sept. 24. Bands competed in several divisions, including high school and middle school divisions.

A member of the White Lake High School marching band performs at Menno Band Day Friday, Sept. 24.