Sept. 30, 2009 – Menno Pioneer Power Show

Tim Fink, of O'Neill, Neb., demonstrates a small rock crusher at the Menno Pioneer Power Show Saturday afternoon, Sept. 26. Dozens of small engines operating on various types of power were on display for visitors over the weekend.

The sun peeks out from behind a flagpole mounted in the steam stack of a small steam locomotive on display at the main gate of Pioneer Acres, home to the Menno Pioneer Power Show, Saturday morning, Sept. 26. Thousands of visitors again descended on Menno to see the displays of antique farming equipment and demonstrations of their use.

Toy farm implements were on display in large numbers at the red barn at the 2009 Menno Pioneer Power Show.

Tractor pulling has become a staple of the Power Show experience. Pullers now compete on a track between the red barn and the old church.

The windmill at the Pioneer Acres site was recently repaired and got a workout over the weekend as high winds sent the blades spinning on Sunday, Sept. 26

Sarah Walker, Norfolk, Neb., takes part in the ladies nail driving contest at the Menno Pioneer Power Show Sunday, Sept. 16. Dennis Aisenbrey, who assisted with the challenge, looks on in the background.

Those who were seeking out bargains had a chance to find them at the yearly flea market on the west side of the Pioneer Acres site.

Massey-Harris tractors were the featured make of tractor at the 2009 Menno Pioneer Power Show. The iconic red and yellow logo was prominent throughout the weekend.

A mural depicting long-time Power Show volunteers Gerold and Gordon Mettler was also on display at the Power Show. The mural was painted by nationally-renowned artist Mickey Harris.

Small Tonka trucks displaying such logos ranging from television stations to pizza delivery were on display at the Power Show this year. Micah James of Yankton brought a small sample of his massive collection to show off.

Crowds gathered south of the red barn to take in the sights and sounds of the tractor pull.

Small engines puttered away in the red barn while their larger counterparts operated outside on the Pioneer Acres grounds.

Power was definitely on display in some of the larger vintage machinery that made its way through the yearly antique car and tractor parade.

One of the many demonstrations of antique farming techniques on display over the weekend, plowing with the help of a steam engine often attracts many interested spectators to help with the process.